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An Illustrated Epic Holiday Tale [26 Nov 2008|08:21pm]

Happy Holidays everybody!

Happily Ever Over
Originally uploaded by happylolday.

Click the picture above to go to the Epic Holiday Tale
"Happily Ever Over"
A history of the "truth" behind the fairytales.. :)

Happily Ever Over is an epic tale that explains a lot of what you you never understood about holidays. An economic crisis among the magical creatures leads to crime and adventure, involving the Pied Piper who lives in his extermination van after his wife left him, an investigator who loves a mysterious ghost, and Santa Claus as you’ve never seen him -a time-traveling, whip-cracking descendant of grizzly bears! It’s a long story, but one you’ll never forget. Written and illustrated by C Merry, first published in 2003 as a gift to her friends.

Thank you Dan and Rockhoppers Daily Grind
Happily Ever Over is an amazing holiday epic. Subtitled "How Santa Saved The World Then Lost It All", the story is billed as a never before recalled history of something no one remembers anymore. I'm a big fan of fairy tales, mythology, and Christmas. This story winds them all together with a sense of whimsy.
Written and illustrated by CMerry during a period of illness, the story has only previously been published in hand-made collages, as gifts for friends. The illustrations are marvelous. Let's be grateful that CMerry has shared this lovely story with us, and look for a book deal, I'm sure.

Rockhoppers Daily Grind

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Tom Otterness, dog killer, now robbing Kansas and Wichita State University Students [17 Apr 2008|06:36pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Hey Kansas, Wichita State University being robbed of $450,000
Your student fees are being robbed to the tune of $450,000 to fund this man's "art"

This excerpt is from Wikipedia about Tom Otterness.

Journalist Gary Indiana criticized Otterness for an independent work done while part of the East Village art scene in the mid-eighties called "Shot Dog Piece", in which Otterness allegedly "adopted a dog and then shot it to death for the fun of recording his infantile, sadistic depravity on film."

And this excerpt is from the New York Magazine article by Gary Indiana mentioned above.

But I’m repulsed by this show’s inclusion of Tom Otterness, a sculptor of limitless nonentity despite his demonstrated skill at conning public-art commissions and taste-impaired collectors into making him rich. Mr. Otterness, once upon a time, adopted a dog and then shot it to death for the fun of recording his infantile, sadistic depravity on film.

And now your school is paying hundreds of thousands to him for art. Isn't there anything else your money could do for your school? How about the people that can't even afford to go, why not take that money and set up a scholarship? Seriously your school can't think of anything better than to support this kind of person?

Just thought you'd like to know while you or your family works to get you through school your hard earned money is going to him.

http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-144688699. html

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Tom Otterness, human scum, paid for by NY Tax dollars [16 Apr 2008|01:55am]
[ mood | angry ]

(Hey NY Artists, why struggle just murder an innocent dog, get fame and fortune paid for by NY Taxes!)

Why is he still getting our money?
I am going to an extreme here, and I apologize but I want to make sure people know- asking that people, who love dogs, if given the chance to express extreme disgust at an artist named
Tom Otterness
Search this:

Back during Katrina I was so moved by people giving up food water clothing, BASIC human needs to hold their dogs above their heads to save them from the flood. We did massive relief efforts- I begged for boats and help and people traveled from all over the USA losing their income to help rescue the pets people were forced to leave behind when their very homes were ruined by those waves and their pets were taken from them- and people helped. Planes were chartered for the sole purpose of flying pets out of there. This is how much the people and the thousands that helped loved their pets- that they would be evacuated then run to phones to beg for their animal's safety.

I have only one tattoo and it's of my dog Pippin's name, a dog I grew with in life she was with me for 17 years and she was a better soul than some people I have had the displeasure of running into. I posted a story of a surfer risking riptides to save a dog's (not even his own dog!) life- this is how loved dogs are.

This "artist"'s work is all over NYC, still breeding like roaches- MY CITY like a calling card like a representative, and this is the kind of person he is. NO, what kind of person in ANY stage of their life would make a choice LIKE THAT. No Decent person I know. I am sickened, this is a person who gets PUBLIC FUNDS. Was he attacked? Forced to do this to live? No he did it for what he called "art". How cute Tom. This is a character trait, a type of person- would YOU have ever done something like this? This person is trash and on my forever list of people that are SCUM and our money is being used to pay him.

I do not want a human like this still getting our tax money representing my city in the subways, in parks, over hotel entrances being called a beloved Public artist, there are some things I cannot forgive and he found it. No I will not "forgive" you. The only thing YOU are SORRY for is that anyone knows what you really are.

I have sent this on to many (ASPCA, PETA, Governor and a White House contact) will send to many more:

Dog killer artist gets paid our Tax money ?
Tom Otterness is a dog killer. Think of the hundreds of thousands of dollars he gets for each piece of his "art" and then I think of how shelters and services for animals have to beg for donations. He made an innocent dog think he was adopted and would have a safe home then he gets murdered for this guy's sick pleasure.

<<"Journalist Gary Indiana criticized Otterness for an independent work done while part of the East Village art scene in the mid-eighties called "Shot Dog Piece", in which Otterness "adopted a dog and then shot it to death for the fun of recording his infantile, sadistic depravity on film">>

His apology is only because he has been busted recently on blogs and rings hollow since he is probably afraid his free money will dry up. How is it he was never punished under law for this? Why is he continually being rewarded TAX DOLLARS from our hard work to support him? Does he give hundreds of thousands back to the shelters? Why is he still being paid our money and shelters struggle? He gets to kill on a whim and be rewarded? Why is he still here? I want the ANIMALS to get his ill gotten gains now, he is not who I pay taxes for!

I just thought you should know about this in case you didn't. Next time you need funds for something and can't get them just think of Tom Otterness getting handed six digit funds and then go to your govenerment rep and ask why are we being forced to pay for a dog killer. I want his money to go the the rescued pets and homeless animal services.
C Merry
East Village NY

Tom darling can't be bothered? So this Brooklyn eyesore isn't even new? It's just a knock-off recycle of his Beverly Hills piece from 2005/06?


Click this. Since the text link might break.

Wow he can't be bothered to use our Taxes to conjour something new! Seriously is this psycho just laughing at everyone as he counts his free money and fairytales and sculpts himself into his work? Who else are all those money bag creatures supposed to be?

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Hello :) [29 Oct 2007|03:59pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Kyaraelf nudged me!
I update on a fairly regular basis on My Space and keep the blogs Happy LOL Day and "TLLT" Things Look Like Things updated. The "TLLT" blog became a Google Blog of Note! Very wonderful to get that kind of goody for something I do for fun. If you are on My Space feel free to add me. Hope all is well with everyone who happens to see this lil bit of the ether.

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Come visit :) [06 May 2007|06:08pm]
[ mood | cute :) ]

Sometimes you need an injection of Cute and LOL :)

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My newest doll [02 Apr 2007|05:03am]
[ mood | colorful ]

Another perfect "working" b-day, three days with Wendy Froud and the dollmaking class. Seeing people from previous classes come back was wonderful. Making new friends very nice :) Dinner at Lil Frankies.. just hit rewind now please so I can do it all again.

Handmade doll, sculpted, sewn, painted, (jewel pieces front and back were also handmade but not by me, a gift for the doll) mohair, mohair /silk dyed yarn, linen, batting and acrylics. She has very pale blue eyes. Rough edges are intentional I am not fond of super perfection (just me, nothing against others doing it) but I like a rag doll spirit in art.

Here she is with her sisters from before..

Like my previous dolls I love her and she is even nicer in person where you can see all her colors. The hair came out so nice. Her legs are wrapped in varicolored mohair/silk yarn (previous doll's legs are wrapped in french deco ribbon, I love that slightly mummy feel) and the colors are nice earthy deep and sunset hues.

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Some painting I have been doing :) [10 Jul 2006|10:12pm]
[ mood | splatter those walls! ]

I really got this urge to change the look of my home. I live in the East Village which is an amazing inspiration as it is but I got this book Paris Style and was really inspired by the looks of some of the rooms in there and totally re-painted my kitchen bathroom and entry way. I am doing other rooms too but still working on those.. I then began to get "carried away" covering some of the older spots on the walls.. anyone who lives in these artsy neighborhoods knows what these old buildings look like in some spots. Rough spots abound that would only be fixed by millions of bux of change so I have decided to paint folksy mural scenes over them to cheer the spots up. I love how its coming out. These are not so great cam phone snaps but give you an idea of what I have been doing. This was supposed to be a "quick" paint job but I got carried away happily so!


Kitchen window:

Edit- this is over the stove with my wonderful handmade wallclock that looks lik a lil house next to a tree so I made its own scenic painting to go with it


This was just a fun snap I made when Rick had made us a picnic for the park (both weekend days actually!-yummy italian food!) and we were riding around on our bikes and the sunset looked like a huge golden creature had arrived on the planet..

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Shuffle Cue and Ehh? interview [29 May 2006|06:33am]
Earlier this month we participated in a Cue and Ehh? interview on Shuffle, check it out here:

Shuffle's Cue and Ehh? Interview with us

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Wendy Froud's sculpting class doll I made :) [05 Apr 2006|12:14am]
[ mood | I love my dolly! ]

I took Wendy Froud's doll sculpting class again this year for my birthday (Thanks Rick!!!!!!! You are the best :) ) I took her class last year and it was two day session this time it was three days and was great to have that extra time (It started on my birthday!). Just taking the class is great but to be taught by one of the world's best artists and a founder of the genre of creature sculpting started in Dark Crystal (and she made Yoda too) is just wonderful.

Here is the doll I made this time. I made her clothing too. She/they are better looking in person, my camera is on its last legs its literally held together with tape so the pix are not great :p Its a lavender and pink sheen to their skin with some slight metallic sparkle and the clothing has those colors in it. The gown is a pillow top I made from sewing together bits and pieces of textiles and brocades and I never made the pillow and I like it being used like this better. Her boots are painted the lav/pinkish colors and mottled to look opalescent. The hair is so wonderful, Wendy brought this and its a blonde soft wool with curl and a beautiful almost irridescent pink fade to pale lavendar too it so it works so well with the skin tone. The skin and features color are acrylic paints blended like a wash and dabbed off as I went along so it built up over in layers on the sculpy. The vest part is leather scrap and the design I burned in with a sodering iron. The blouse is an old silk scarf I got in a vintage store, her "tights" are a German ribbon wrapped around the legs. The whole doll is a wire skeleton wrapped in paper tape and then covered in sculpy and quilt batting. She is fully posable. She is sturdy and heavy but I love that- she is about 17inches tall. I keep calling the doll she but really she is a they :)

I kept the one face's eyes closed because the process Wendy teaches to create the eyes has one stage where they look closed and this one's face looked so pretty with closed eyes that I decided to keep her eyes closed. So you can say one side deals with the things in the daylit real world and the other moves in the dark ethereal world.

I am so happy with her I want a better camera now just to get some "beauty" shots of her/them. This is seriously one of the best b-days of my life and if I had gotten this doll as a gift from someone I would have freaked out from joy, an even better feeling that I made her/they myself! I am so happy! Still more celebrating to come and I think I'll bring the doll along.. still have not named them.. something will come Wendy says they'll always tell you what they want to be called you just have to wait and see.

Edit: This is so cool, Art Conspiracy has already made the doll its "Staff Pick" for the Physical Galleries on their cover page. ~yay~ :)

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hmmm [07 Dec 2005|10:38pm]
[ mood | make way for creepy crawlies ]

Just a warning.. I love Spiders. I am sorry but I do :)

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Hey you [27 Nov 2005|02:53am]
[ mood | You Rock ]

Thank you, I have a slight idea what sparked that listening but it can't have been the whole reason so thanks. That was pretty cool.

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More Soundlift [09 Nov 2005|08:29pm]
[ mood | cool ]

Well you knew it was going to happen sometime,

plummeting like a rock from where ever rocks plummet,

or is it falling or sinking like a stone..

something like that-you knew our songs would drop off those charts..

well not today.


Elliptical is at #4 and Low is now at #9.

You people ROCK.

Thank you so much.

I feel full of butterflies, glitter and trees and some kind of parkland...

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Our music on Soundlift [07 Nov 2005|11:41pm]
[ mood | I heart y'all ]

We joined My Space before they had the music page option so no I don't have the "band" page there but we do have a site that has our MP3s and suddenly when I really needed them to deliver, they change.. after all this time basically sitting there minding their own business they go down and send people to a front page, not even a polite send through to the corresponding pages of our music on the new site. SO here I am changing links.. if you encounter anything that needs to be updated let me know.

But one nice surprise at last listen on the Rock charts there we were number 8 and then checking again we were number 5.. so someone is listening. Lots of someones so thank you all of you :)


Of course by the time anyone looks we may not be up there anymore who knows but its fun to see while it lasts.


If you have a My Space page to link up with let me know...

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PLEASE HELP ASAP [08 Sep 2005|11:43pm]
Please send this to as many people as you can as soon as you can, people were forced to leave their pets behind when they were evacuated because of Hurricane Katrina and there are people there trying to get them all out as fast as they can but now they were told they have THREE DAYS to do it or else.

Please read this website:


If you know anyone you can call or write to to get the rescuers more time please do. The people are there they just need more time. One of my friends is part of this rescue effort this is FOR REAL and they need help. If all you can do is pass this along as fast as you can THANK YOU who knows who might read it and have connections there and get them more time to help save the pets.
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Wendy Froud doll class pix [26 Mar 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | creative ]

The album of pix


Thats my doll :)

And me with my head down right in front of Wendy in the background


I wish I could go back in time that was so much fun

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Nancy [23 Mar 2005|04:29pm]

Sometimes another person's art perfectly expresses what I want.

My friend Nancy has left this world and this made me

think she would have said, yes this is me.

I won't say Rest In Peace, because she won't- she helped rescue and relocate wolves,

so I think I will say Run Wild In Peace. She is running wild and free.


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Zines and being unique [19 Mar 2005|01:16pm]
[ mood | calm for the moment.. ]

This matter is resolved for the moment, WHY do people do this kind of thing? Just be honest from the start and you won't get people mad at you for stealing okay? (Why is this such a hard concept to understand) And if it means nothing to you then why do it? Just because something means nothing to you doesn't mean its the same to the person who created it.

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My Wendy Froud sculpture class doll [18 Mar 2005|03:13pm]
[ mood | i can make dolls! ]

My scanner had been jammed and then last night my brattiest boy cat threw it onto the ground from my art table (he is the only one who seems to know how to fling heavy objects..) and now its FIXED! I can't tell him thanks because he can't go around throwing stuff but he did get pets and a kiss for "no reason"... anyway :)

This is my doll

He will be using those silks for his clothing but they will become even more shredded and his stitching under on his body still needs to be done but you can see what he looks like and it won't change that much. I have never done this before which shows you what a great teacher Wendy is. I am really happy with him and look forward to making more in all kinds of ways and looks

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Wendy Froud fairy dolls art and more stuff! [17 Feb 2005|01:47am]
[ mood | pretty things ! ]


Click on the auction link and check out the amazing things being sold- original works and dolls by Wendy Froud, art by Brian Froud, Terri Windling, books and more!

All for a great cause too.

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Hello... I need help... [31 Jan 2005|11:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I am fine myself. I am around just in other places. We are bringing one of the illustrated books to film so its a long process but very worth it. The reason I even came back in here for a moment is to post this message from my brother. A guy we have been friends with "forever".. has asked if anyone can help his wife. Its so scary to read this, and must be unimaginable to her. If anyone knows anyone who can help them please write me a link or a person to contact and I can give their address to them. I hope something can be done to help them soon.

Dear Concerned Friends & Family:

Some of you know that Darla has been facing some unexplained health
challenges over the last few years. Her condition continues to worsen
and the doctors seem unable to help. We have seen several family
practice physicians as well as an array of specialists that they have
referred her to along with ones we have asked to be referred to. There
have been a number of suggestions (lupus, multiple sclerosis,
fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, Lyme's disease) given by
these doctors, but no sure diagnosis. One doctor felt sure that he knew
what the problem was, but was not able to give an official diagnosis for
fear of losing his medical license. (More on that issue later.)

Here's a little bit on Darla's symptoms. Some symptoms are fairly
regular and others more intermittent. There may be several things at
work here or they may all be related to one common cause. Sometimes the
symptoms seem to be worse the week or two before her period. Some have
suggested that this is all in her head...that it's made up. Darla does
not have a hypochondriac "bone" in her body. She may even down-play
these symptoms if you were to talk to her. With some of us she is very
upfront about how much pain she is in and how badly she hurts. Her
symptoms are frequent, real and seriously reducing her quality of life.
Here in brief are some of the challenges that she faces:

* Not being able to sleep, even when very tired

* Arms and legs falling asleep when standing or lying down

* Her periods seem to be more difficult for her than they used
to be

* Narrowing of vision...especially when she has headaches

* Noticeable memory loss and confusion at times

* Headaches

* Muscle soreness (moves around)

* Soreness in her joints (moves around)

* Hair loss

* Low energy

* Ribs hurting

* Loss of grip

* Back aches

* Numbness in certain areas

Although her joints hurt, she believes that her pain is as much in the
muscles as the joints...maybe even more than the joints. The pains in
the joints as well as the muscles seem to be migratory. What hurts
today may not be what's hurting tomorrow...but it will come back around.

One doctor asked Darla what she would diagnose her condition as... She
said she wasn't really sure. Since then she and I have spent some
time reviewing her medical records. Records from *** (her
doctor's office from the time we moved to Oregon in 1992 until just
about two years ago) suggest that Lyme's disease was thought of as a
possibility for Darla in 1994, but dismissed. All the symptoms were
present, but the lab tests did not confirm that it was Lyme's, so no
treatment was given. Things got better for a while, but eventually got
much worse and by about 2000 we were actively trying to figure this out
once again. We next went to Dr. B**, a friend and specialist we
self-referred to. He has records and test results that suggest that
Lyme's disease is a definitely a possibility. He was definitely
convinced that it is Lyme's. Unfortunately he had diagnosed a number of
other patients in the area with Lyme's and had been threatened with
having his license to practice medicine revoked if he diagnosed another
person with Lyme's disease. He did give Darla a course of antibiotics.
After a while she seemed to improve. Dr. B** moved away shortly
after. Eventually the symptoms have come back and worse than ever.
They've been quite bad for well over a year now.

As previously mentioned, we have started doing some research on our own
and comparing Darla's symptoms with those of the possible illnesses the
doctors have said she might have. We have been amazed when comparing
the symptoms Darla has, with the information we've found regarding the
symptoms of Lyme's disease. Nothing else that has been suggested as the
possible cause of Darla's problems fits as closely as Lyme's disease.
The symptoms that don't fit directly with Lyme's do fit with loss of
both quality and quantity of sleep.

After reviewing all this material, we are convinced more than ever that
Darla is fighting Lyme's disease. I know that for whatever reason, the
medical establishment in the Northwest (and apparently in other areas of
the country) is resistant to diagnosing someone as having Lyme's
disease. I don't know why. The research we've done suggests that if it
is even slightly possible that a person has Lyme's disease they should
be treated early on with antibiotics. If only that had been done back
in 1994 when this first started, Darla would probably not be suffering
now. Even now we believe something can be done to help her.

It appears that Darla is in the later, more advanced stages of this
disease. Before she gets treated for any other possible ailments
(arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc.), we would like her to be treated for
Lyme's disease. The problem is that no one has been willing to diagnose
her with having this disease...even though they haven't diagnosed her
with anything else. I know that this disease is well recognized in
other parts of the country and that quality treatment giving positive
results is available. If we must, we will travel to get the needed
treatment. We just need to find someone who knows this disease, can
help us be sure that is what she has, and is willing and capable of
treating her for it.

We have communicated our belief that this is Lyme's Disease with Darla's
primary care physician, Dr. ** and her most recent
specialist, a rheumatologist. Neither of them seems willing, as yet, to
diagnose Darla with Lyme's...especially without some sort of blood test
or lab test to prove it. The problem is that there does not seem to be
any really accurate tests for this. Most websites we have found
regarding the diagnosis of Lyme's disease say that it is very difficult
to diagnose and that no test exists that is accurate in proving that a
person has the disease. The websites also go on to say that if a person
has the symptoms of Lyme's, they should be treated as such even without
the confirmation of positive test results. At this stage of the
disease, I.V. antibiotics over a period of time seem to be the treatment
of choice. Permanent damage to Darla, both mentally and physically
appears to be taking place. This fits perfectly with what the reports
suggest is the result of this disease going long time periods without
treatment. We want to get her help before any more damage occurs.

Darla's symptoms have continued to worsen over the last two months at an
alarming rate. She is to the point of being despondent...very
discouraged...in a lot of pain and discomfort. She never spends the
entire night asleep or in the same location. She moves from recliner,
to bed, to sofa, to recliner in an effort to find some relief from her
pain. She hardly is able to function at home. By the time we get home
from work, she is only able to sit down and rest until she falls into
her uncomfortable and sporadic sleep. It is getting difficult for her
to function at work. Something has to change. We need your help.
Spread this information around to anyone you think might be able to
help. Anything you can do would be appreciated.

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