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Some painting I have been doing :) [10 Jul 2006|10:12pm]
[ mood | splatter those walls! ]

I really got this urge to change the look of my home. I live in the East Village which is an amazing inspiration as it is but I got this book Paris Style and was really inspired by the looks of some of the rooms in there and totally re-painted my kitchen bathroom and entry way. I am doing other rooms too but still working on those.. I then began to get "carried away" covering some of the older spots on the walls.. anyone who lives in these artsy neighborhoods knows what these old buildings look like in some spots. Rough spots abound that would only be fixed by millions of bux of change so I have decided to paint folksy mural scenes over them to cheer the spots up. I love how its coming out. These are not so great cam phone snaps but give you an idea of what I have been doing. This was supposed to be a "quick" paint job but I got carried away happily so!


Kitchen window:

Edit- this is over the stove with my wonderful handmade wallclock that looks lik a lil house next to a tree so I made its own scenic painting to go with it


This was just a fun snap I made when Rick had made us a picnic for the park (both weekend days actually!-yummy italian food!) and we were riding around on our bikes and the sunset looked like a huge golden creature had arrived on the planet..

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